Port Hope Residents for Managing Waste Responsibly (MWR)

MWR was formed in October 2012 when a group of Port Hope residents came together, united by serious concerns about a proposed project by a private company named Renewable Energy Management (REM) to build a large garbage incinerator in Port Hope, Ontario.

MWR is opposed to REM’s proposal to build a large garbage incinerator in Port Hope for a number of reasons, including the facility’s potential harm to human health and air quality, the damaging effects to local business and tourism, the negative impact on Port Hope’s image, and the troubling fact that neither REM nor its proposed ENTECH ‘gasification’ technology have any track record in North America or Western Europe.

MWR Mission Statement:

Protecting our environment from the impact of waste incineration, which threatens our health, prosperity and our “community’s unique appeal”.*

*Port Hope Branding Statement, approved by Port Hope Town Council September 2012:

“Port Hope is anything but ordinary. It happily goes its own way. Port Hope is an urban-rural paradise powered by strength of character. Heritage architecture, industry and culture nestle in a river valley extending through miles of striking natural landscapes. Port Hope’s secret ingredient is its people — an eclectic mix of passionate individuals who protect the community’s unique appeal. They love life, celebrate individuality, challenge the norm and deliver the unexpected.”

Matt Clayton – Spokesperson
Sarah Sculthorpe
Charles Wickett
David O’Dell
Kelsey Desbarbieux
Robert Sculthorpe