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MWR opposes REM’s proposal to bring a mega garbage incinerator to Port Hope, Ontario for a number of reasons, including:

  1. REM has never built or operated an incinerator or any other type of waste disposal facility. The company has no track record.
  1. The Entech technology REM proposes to use in Port Hope has never been used in North America or Western Europe.
  1. There are serious health concerns surrounding this type of incineration technology, including the release of dangerous nano-particles into our atmosphere (for further information, see our health concerns page).
  1. The incinerator proposed for Port Hope would be by far the largest in the world using this technology. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of garbage from other communities would be trucked into Port Hope annually, amounting to hundreds of trucks of garbage a week destined for our community.
  1. Port Hope council has just spent over $100,000 to re-brand our town and protect it from the stigma of toxic waste. Trucking hundreds of thousands of tonnes of other communities’ garbage into Port Hope to be incinerated blatantly contradicts this re-branding effort.
  1. Port Hope’s reputation, along with tourism, local business, and property values will suffer from having a large garbage incinerator in the community.
  1. Because of these concerns, other municipalities in Ontario have said no to hosting REM’s incinerator. Brant County Mayor Rob Eddy said no to a similar proposal from REM, stating that his county “didn’t want to be guinea pigs.”

More detailed information outlining MWR’s concerns can be found HERE.

More information on incineration can also be found at the following sources:

Dr. Stan Blecher’s presentation on REM’s proposal for Port Hope
(November, 2012)

read full presentation

Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste: An Update on Pollution
(Pembina Institute, 2007)

Video presentation by Dr. Paul Connett
(Energy >From Waste, the Myths Debunked, 2007)

Burning issue: ‘Waste-to-energy’ plants take off in bid to cut garbage, fuel use (Seltenrich, 2013)

Waste-to-energy incineration is both noxious and expensive
(CCPA, 2010)

Cancer Fears Threaten Incineration Plan
(Herald Scotland, 2012)

Cancer mortality in towns in the vicinity of incinerators and installations for the recovery or disposal of hazardous waste (Environmental International, 2013 – **Please read “Conclusion”**)

Port Hope Residents For Managing Waste Responsibly (PHR4MWR) thanks you for joining us on April 24th 2013 for an evening with Dr. Paul Connett

Dr. Connett
Over 57 countries have benefited from 28 years of research and recommendations on responsible waste management. A professor of Chemistry; he received his first degree from Cambridge University and his PHD from Dartmouth University. Dr. Connett is world renowned for his pro-bono presentations on the subject of incineration.

Entech-REM…Renewable Energy Management (REM) is proposing to process 600,000 metric tonnes of garbage per year.
Approximately 180 trucks per day in and out, with few jobs created while taking away other jobs from our community.

This is not just a Port Hope issue.
This will affect all of Northumberland County.

Become informed on the subject of incineration and on how we can Manage our Waste Responsibly.

Why? Because your health, your community, your children and your property values will be affected.